Producing a Video Production in Melbourne

When you’re producing a video production in Melbourne it helps to have a bit of local knowledge. In this post we thought it might be helpful for some of our readers if we put together some of our knowledge of Melbourne; the best places to go for everything video production related.

Buying and Hiring Video Production Equipment

Anybody in the industry will have a story about the time something important broke or malfunctioned just before an important shoot. When you’re shooting in Melbourne you’ll want to have a list of trusted places that you can source equipment for hire or repair when things go wrong or if you’re travelling light.

Dragon Image sell a wide range of gear and also offer rental. If you’re creating a corporate video or smaller production then this is the place to go. They have a good selection of LED lights and other basic gear for lower budget shoots.

John Barry is a great place to go to buy a huge range of professional equipment. All the little accessories that are vital on a film shoot like spare bulbs, gaffer tape, alligator clips and the like can be found here.

Video Craft is another great resource for high-end gear as well as a large range of accessories. Located in Burwood, it comes in handy if you’re shooting out of the city and don’t want to venture into the CBD.

If you’re going to be renting all of your gear then there are a few places that specialise in just renting equipment.

Video Australasia has a full range of equipment for shooting, lighting and recording sound. They are located fairly centrally in Port Melbourne. If your shoot is on the other side of town you’ll find a similar range at Ben’s Camera Hire.

Video Production Hire Company

Studio Hire in Melbourne

Melbourne offers a good range of studios for you to hire out.

Premiere studios is perfect for small to medium productions, great for blue or green screen productions and nicely located in Port Melbourne. You’ll find a spacious green room for hair and makeup as well as a lounge area for your talent to relax out of the way.

Horizon Films also offer studios but they come with the added option of providing a crew and video equipment.

Docklands Studios is great for large productions and has housed some big budget productions.

Large scale video production at the Melbourne Docklands studio

Video Production and Film Bodies

Depending on the scale of the project you’re undertaking you may find the need to contact some of the following film bodies.

Film Victoria is where to go to find government incentives and acquire the relevant film permits you may need. They also have a Film Friendly PDF you can download that’s full of information on shooting in public spaces.

City of Melbourne is another resource you may need to use. If your film requires a permit then there is an online form you can submit with the relevant documentation. Their sight states that they endeavour to respond to these permits within 48 hours.

The Australian Video Producers Association is another film body that’s worth knowing about if you’re planning a large production or looking to network. While there are a number of benefits to becoming a member you’ll find a directory on their website that ‘ll help you get in contact with industry people.

Casting Agents

If you’re looking for local talent then there are a few places we can suggest you begin with. BGM has some recognisable local talent in their books with a section specifically for presenter/corporate roles. Ripleys Management is another one to consider if you need extras or child actors.


We all know a crew will work harder when they’re kept well fed and watered. There are a few companies in that cater specifically for video productions. Going Gourmet has an impressive menu, provide buffet lunches for large crews that need schedule flexibility but also offer tailor made platters for your talent should they require specialty items.

Going Gourmet catering

Traffic Management

If your project is big enough that you require traffic management then Filcon Safety Group have experience working in film and video productions. Monjon is another provider of traffic management and sight security.

This should be a good base to start you out. If you’re planning a production in Melbourne and want to work with a local crew with years of experience then contact DreamEngine today.


 Ryan Spanger


Ryan Spanger is one of Melbourne’s most respected and sought-after video production professionals. Ryan founded Dream Engine in 2001, and specializes in helping medium to large corporates, government departments, and the non-profit sector to connect with their audience by using video.

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