Creating an Effective Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

The Brief

Spalding are a global athletics company that are launching a new range of clothing under the label ‘Spalding by Giaan Rooney’. Spalding had organised a professional photography shoot with Giaan and they decided to take further advantage of this by creating video content at the same time while they had access to her. The videos would be used to boost their social media video marketing strategy.


Making a Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

There were two components to this job. The first component was to generate information marketing. Because the campaign starts at the beginning of the year it means many people will already be thinking about their new years resolutions and their health goals.

We created a series of short ‘piece to camera’ videos with Giaan. In these videos, she shares some actionable fitness tips that people can use to improve their health. It meant that rather than going for the direct ‘hard sell’ approach, viewers will now associate the products with the valuable information they are receiving.

The advantage of this is that viewers will want to watch the video because they’re getting something out of it for free. At the same time they will gain awareness for the brand. They might also come across the videos while searching for the information in the video, rather than from specifically searching for the products, so the online reach of the videos will also be boosted.


The second component of the video was to create a behind the scenes ‘Sneak Peak’ video. This shows people what goes on at a professional photo shoot. By doing this, Spalding could gently present shoppers their new range in a way that introduces them to Giaan and builds rapport in an energetic and exciting way.

The value they generated from already having access to Giaan in studio was drastically boosted. By taking advantage of the photography set, Spalding could leverage quite a few weeks worth of content. The videos were also able to be released on multiple platforms that meant an ongoing campaign could be created.


The shoot itself was carried out professionally but it’s important to make it a fun environment so that the performance from the talent is genuine and enthusiastic. There was always music playing and everyone was having fun and getting involved. When you can keep a mood like this going it has real advantages to the production. Everyone stays included and works harder to get a better result.

The main purpose of the day was to get professional photos of Giaan modelling her new sportswear range. There were professional photographers at work so it was important not to distract them from their job. To make sure we were discreet we used our Sony A7s to capture the footage.

The A7s gives a really nice image but at the same time is extremely light and compact. It meant moving about and keeping out of the way was easy but we still got beautiful HD footage. The A7S is also great for mounting on a slider because it’s so small and light. Using a slider we could create smooth, cinematic movement and the end result was a more engaging video.


The result

We supplied Spalding with a series of energetic videos that will go towards making an effective social media video marketing strategy. The client was really happy with what we produced and we’re really proud of the videos.

Now that you’ve seen how we helped produce a great social media video marketing strategy, now is the time to reach out with any questions you have. Simply type up your question in the box below, or contact me today, and we can discuss your video production needs.


 Ryan Spanger


Ryan Spanger is one of Melbourne’s most respected and sought-after video production professionals. Ryan founded Dream Engine in 2001, and specializes in helping medium to large corporates, government departments, and the non-profit sector to connect with their audience by using video.

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