Call to Action – A Guide for Video

A Call to Action is like a signpost for your site. It’s usually a button, image or link at the end of a video. When a user clicks on them, it takes them to the next step of the process, whether that is getting in touch with you or buying the product. A new trend in video marketing is to place a call to action at the end of your video so the option is right there for the viewer while your products or services are still fresh in their mind. By using the in-built features of a video hosting service like Wistia, you can set up an effective call-to-action that will get your more leads and better marketing results.

Where is Your Call to Action?

The idea of a call to action at the end of video is to capture your viewer’s attention in the very minimal time you have it. The video itself should pique their interest enough to energise the viewer enough to want to do something about it. “I want to buy that product!” your audience is thinking. But if they watch the video, get distracted and move on to something else, you may have just missed your window of opportunity. By placing the CTA (a clickable link in the video player) immediately after the video, you can strike while their interest is at its highest. The best way to ensure that you get the best results for your call to action is to place it in the right spot. If visitors to your website don’t get the right prompt, you can’t channel them into the next stage of the sales funnel.


Make Your Call to Action Appealing

call to action

Is your call to action video visually appealing? Whilst a video call to action should be a simple text link at the end of your video, it is more important to make sure the video that precedes it is as attention grabbing and enticing as possible.


An easy way to do this is to focus on colour and design. Your links should appear just as the video ends to make sure people don’t click away before the call to action pops up. The call to action should succinctly explain what is coming next for the viewer, whether it’s to “Buy now” or “Learn More.” The use of negative white space and an appropriate font should also be taken advantage of. In phrasing your call to action, directness is the most effective method. CTAs with an action-heavy slant like “Call now,” or “Register here” are ideal as they are easily understand and can grab onto the spur-of-the moment type people among us.

Is your Call to Action Easy to Understand?

call to action

Your call to action should be straight to the point. Your video has done the hard work of convincing the buyer that they need your product or services. In that brief moment of euphoria when your video masterpiece is finished is when you should give the viewer a very simple option. To go ahead and start the sales process or to close the tab and go back to their browsing. If you are offering the viewer something, like a free trial or free e-book, this will only help sweeten the deal for the viewer. “Click here to download your free E-book” is a simple call to action that may get otherwise uninterested viewers to take a closer look at your services. Whatever it is you are offering, you have to make it as simple as possible as each thing that slows down the process will hurt your sales.

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