How to Get the Most Out of Facebook Video

Whether you love or hate Facebook, pretty much everyone you know is on it, so it makes sense to access this massive audience to market your business.

Here are some great tips to get the best results from your video on Facebook.

Listen to the audio version: 

00:29 – Add a Video to your Landing Page
00:58 – Direct Upload vs. Linking
01:33 – Start a Conversation

Add a Video to your Landing Page

Many businesses don’t include landing pages, or welcome pages, on their Facebook page. A simple, short video that includes you welcoming your audience, briefly explaining your business and then telling them to like the page or share a video is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. A video on your Facebook landing page that encourage the viewer to act will create far higher engagement and conversions from your audience.

Facebook Video Marketing

Direct Upload vs. Linking

There are several ways to get videos onto Facebook. You can upload videos directly to Facebook, or you can link a video from YouTube. But which method is actually better? According to a recent study (by Socialbaker):

Uploading videos directly to Facebook outperformed linked videos posted from YouTube in organic reach (10.3% vs. 8.9%), viral reach (2.2% vs. 0.2%) and engagement rates (0.22% vs. 0.1%).

If you upload your video directly to Facebook, your video is more likely to be seen and watched. A simple and effective way to optimise your Facebook video.

Start a Conversation

The ability for you and your fans to tag, comment on and “like” content on your Facebook page is a massive drawcard. You have the opportunity to find creative ways to directly involve your viewers in your marketing page.

I was listening to a podcast called I Love Marketing, and a host by the name of Dean Jackson gave a great example of how to do this.

“Let’s imagine a car dealership creates a video of a customer driving a car off the lot. The dealership then uploads this video onto Facebook, and tags the customer in the video. This video will then pop up on not only the clients Facebook page, but also many of his friends newsfeeds. Simply because their friend was involved in the video, they are now exposed to the video and the business.

This is just one simple example. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity.
Does your business have a Facebook presence? Are you giving your business the best chance to tap its massive market? If you’d like any more information, or want to create a video for your Facebook page, contact me and I’d love to help.


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