Innercode Case Study

Who are Innercode?

Here at Dream Engine, we are approached by a huge variety of businesses to create tailored videos for them. As no two companies are the same, we endeavour to learn as much as we can about each company and product so we understand what sets you apart and what is most important to include in your video. Recently we shot a video for a company called Innercode, a company that are tax specialists in the research and development grant established by the federal government. We did a case study for Innercode with one of their clients, the rapidly growing tech startup Phoria, who have seen great advantages by using Innercode’s services.



Preparing the video

When we were approached by InnerCode, our first step was to learn as much about the company as possible. Speaking with the co-founder Andrew, we established what the main benefits of Innercode are, and why they are such an exciting new business. They provide a service that helps startups and predominantly tech based businesses utilise the Research and Development tax incentives that can keep cash flow up for new businesses. They don’t charge upfront fees, but instead take a percentage of the money that is returned to them through the grant. By making the case study about Phoria, a company that has blossomed through their use of Innercode, we began to delve into what would make a viewer consider hiring Innercode for themselves.

The Filming Process

The filming took place at the Phoria offices in Melbourne and consisted of interviews with Phoria’s co-founders as well as B-roll footage with Andrew from Innercode interacting with the Phoria crew. Preparation is key when getting testimonials from interviewees. You have to write the questions in a way that gets engaged responses and ideally lets the interviewees speak honestly about their experience, while getting concise answers. You don’t want to put words in their mouths as you want honest, but you also want to guide the responses to fit the story you want to tell.


Innercode wanted to establish with the audience that choosing Innercode to manage your tax situation would be beneficial as you can focus less on admin and in-depth forms, and that it will cost you nothing up-front as they work on commission from the money the get back for you. We phrased our questions with this end goal in mind and didn’t say “cut” until we had the material we wanted.



On the shoot day we shot the interviews with two cameras to give us more versatility with editing. We used the DJI Ronin to add some movement to the B-roll as well as a slider. The preparation for the shoot day goes well beyond packing equipment and writing questions.  You can’t simply show up with some cameras and a few lights and expect to get a good result for the finished video. The plan required B-roll ideas and sequences, product demonstrations and sourcing footage from the 3D applications that Phoria has developed.



The final product began to take shape by crafting the interview responses into a linear story, establishing who Phoria are, how they came to work with Innercode, the benefits they’ve seen and what they predict for their future. Then it was simply a matter of creating sequences from the B-roll shot around the office and adding structure with music. We also included some footage from live 3d demos that Phoria provided to us.
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