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  • July 25, 2017
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Having clear communication with your team is an essential part of any high performing business. Internal communication keeps your staff up to date with everything going on in the business, not just their area of expertise. With that in mind, internal communications are something a growing company can’t ignore. It may appear simple, but getting it right can be quite a challenging task. Video is a simple and extremely engaging way to communicate. This post will show you the best way to incorporate video into your internal communications strategy.

Why Video Communications?

In the past decade or so, due to easier access online, video has become a popular part of the internal communications toolkit. Quick online distribution with a company wide email and you can have everybody up to speed with a new task or procedure in minutes. Logistically, video makes sense because it can reach staff easily, can be stored and saved for later use, and is far easier than arranging a company wide meeting. Not only that but video is far more engaging than traditional memos and briefings. Most people would rather see their results visualised with some creativity, rather than the fiftieth PowerPoint presentation this month. Video allows you to cut through the lack of engagement from older forms of internal comms, and ensures that your message is heard and understood by your staff.

Speak to the VIPs

Releasing a direct message from the CEO is something more and more companies are doing. This approach makes complete sense as having access to the CEO for all staff can be tricky if not downright impossible. The CEO can be more of a familiar face when they are seen regularly, and they can use the video platform to run through their targets and their recent results directly to staff in a time effective manner. The CEO can deliver whatever messages are appropriate, and can be helpful for transparency and relationships with the staff. Scheduling a time with the CEO doesn’t have to be difficult either. Here at Dream Engine, we often arrange to set up a board room or meeting room in advance with cameras and equipment. That way the CEO can walk in, deliver the message and be on their way within 15 minutes. Using an autocue can also increase the speed of delivery and accuracy for important messages involving figures and results.

Learn some new skills

training company business

Training is another area where video can enhance your internal communications. We’ve established that video is more engaging than simple text or a PowerPoint, but it also allows you to demonstrate things visually. Complex ideas and demonstrations can be shown as they are explained, or animated if they are data based. You can save time and money by keeping staff training levels high with regular videos of best practice. The video can be re-watched and you can develop a video training library for when new staff join and need to get up to speed quickly.

Internal Videos Build Teams

And finally, one of the biggest advantages of internal communications videos is the strength it builds within your team. You can create videos for staff events, company anniversaries or any large gathering of staff. It builds camaraderie within the group when they can watch back some positive memories and it shows potential employees the positive environment in your business.

If you think your internal communications need a video upgrade, get in touch with Dream Engine today.




 Ryan Spanger


Ryan Spanger is one of Melbourne’s most respected and sought-after video production professionals. Ryan founded Dream Engine in 2001, and specializes in helping medium to large corporates, government departments, and the non-profit sector to connect with their audience by using video.

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