The Benefits of Staff Profile videos

Before we get to benefits, what is a staff profile video? A staff profile video is a video introduction to an employee. If you’ve ever been to a company website and gone to the ‘about us’ or ‘our people’ page, you’ve probably seen a text based staff profile. Most companies have these, even if it’s just for the Managing Director or CEO. They’ll give you an idea of somebody’s credentials, experience and sometimes a bit about their personal life too.

A video profile is the same thing, presented through video instead of text. So are they useful? Does a video profile give you anything a text profile can’t? Keep reading to find out why staff videos are not only useful but are a missed opportunity for companies that don’t use them or just use text instead.

Nice to meet you

First and foremost, a staff profile video is an opportunity for your clients to meet your team. This is beneficial because people like to deal with people, not a faceless organisation. The video part is especially valuable because seeing and hearing from people is more engaging than text and it’s certainly going to give you a better idea of who people really are.

There is also a great opportunity to have your videos support your brand and image with staff profile videos. For example, a company that has a focus on staff diversity can celebrate and highlight this in their videos. It’s a proof element that will come across as natural and genuine.

Staff profile videos also give new clients (or potential clients) an easy way to see specifically who they’ll be working with. Further to this, when clients do end up meeting face to face with your staff, the whole experience will be far more comfortable if they already have a sense of who they’re talking to.

Culture Boost

A good culture is a benefit to your organisation because it helps unify and motivate teams. Staff profile videos can add to this by helping define the culture, promote it and attract more employees that will fit into the culture.

Seeing the culture of a workplace will also be good for prospective clients. If they see a team that’s happy, motivated and personable then they’ll be likely to conclude that working with you will also be a good experience.

You may also find it benefits your staff performance. If the world knows that they’re the one responsible for certain aspects of a business then it could motivate them by giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility.


Anyone looking to expand and grow their business has probably thought about staff. It obviously makes sense that if you hire the best staff then your business will benefit, but how do you attract the best people? Well,  this article from Linkedin explains that younger generations are becoming more interested in working for organisations that have a positive culture.The first place somebody is likely to look at when they want to get an idea of who your company is, is to look at your website’s company profile. Unlike text that can all too often come across as in-genuine or a sales pitch, a video will give people a real sense of your people and your culture. For anyone that’s considering applying to your business, this is a great way quickly see that culture.

So, as you can see, staff profile videos are a great asset for you website. If you’re wondering about how to integrate video into your website then take a look at this post we wrote. Additionally, if you’re worried about presenting on camera then you can also take a look at this. 


 Ryan Spanger


Ryan Spanger is one of Melbourne’s most respected and sought-after video production professionals. Ryan founded Dream Engine in 2001, and specializes in helping medium to large corporates, government departments, and the non-profit sector to connect with their audience by using video.

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