Production Story: Corporate Shoot for AAT

I’ve written before about how effective industrial video productions are at communicating with clients and your workforce, so I thought I’d delve a little deeper in to why AAT, or Australian Amalgamated Terminals, chose video to advertise their company to potential new clients.

AAT operates all across Australia, with facilities for importing and exporting motor vehicles and general cargo in almost every major Australian port. They wanted to demonstrate the reasons why professionals should choose them; reasons that are not just their impressive import/export statistics or cutting-edge machinery, but also their strong corporate culture and philosophy of innovation.

Video was the most effective way to show both AAT’s industrial capabilities as well as their working culture.

Creating this video was a collaborative process between AAT and Dream Engine. In the pre-production stage, we worked with AAT’s management team to draw up a script that would best convey the qualities of the company. The video is targeting a very specific market, and we tailored the script to that audience. The finished script was created from a mixture of AAT’s notes, the AAT branding guide, and some additional ideas of our own.

For production, we travelled from Melbourne to AAT’s facility in Port Kembla.

AAT's Port Kembla Facility, the site for our industrial video

We shot on-location with real AAT employees to give the most accurate representation of day-to-day life in the facility as possible. AAT are proud of the fact that they work hard to ensure that their staff are happy, and using real staff members was the best way to demonstrate this in the video.

The facility didn’t have to grind to a halt whilst we were working; we filmed our cutaways in a fly-on-the-wall corporate documentary style. This meant that work could continue as usual whilst we got the footage the video required.

Thanks to the extensive pre-production work we undertook, filming ran smoothly, incorporating both night and day videography inside and outside of the facility.

During the post production stage, we worked closely with AAT to ensure that the video was cut together to meet their expectations. We kept AAT up to date on the step-by-step process of the edit by using Dream Engine’s client management system, which meant that there were no surprises for them during post production. We were able to receive their feedback, make changes, and send them their latest cut very quickly, which helped them receive their video in a timely fashion. It also made the editing process organic; they never had to wonder what stage their video was at, and could rely on us to keep the process running smoothly.

The finished video incorporated a professional voiceover from an artist we recommended. We applied an extensive color grade, sourced custom music, and created an Earth zoom animation that they had specially requested to ensure we ticked every box.

We fostered a real working relationship with our client, ensuring that the entire video process was a collaboration, rather than a dictation. This is important: by working closely with AAT, we were able to create for them the video that they wanted.

AAT's team members at Port Kembla, the site of our industrial video

Having worked closely with Dream Engine throughout the process, Vincent Macheda, AAT’s IT Manager, shared this testimonial:

“AAT had recently completed a branding strategy which identified some of the key strengths of the organisation which were not being promoted or effectively communicated. It was decided that a corporate video would be a very useful tool in communicating these key messages.

Dream Engine had a good selection of example videos which delivered core messages of organisations which is what AAT was striving for. The examples included various industries which was important to ensure AAT’s message could be communicated.

Historically, AAT was seen as a service provider to the shipping industry and logistics supply chain. Over a ten year period AAT has developed key strengths in areas including technology and management expertise which result in efficient management of shipping terminal operations. It was determined that this message was important to convey to the wider port user community.

AAT’s new corporate video will be embedded into the new AAT website and will be available to all website visitors. AAT will also have a comments page on the website to enable feedback from website visitors.

The video provides a medium to easily communicate and promote AAT’s key messages to a wide audience. It has enabled AAT’s to easily articulate its service offering.

I would absolutely recommend Dream Engine. They provide a professional and trustworthy service and an outstanding finished product. Their experience and understanding of the entire process ensured all aspects were addressed.”

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 Ryan Spanger


Ryan Spanger is one of Melbourne’s most respected and sought-after video production professionals. Ryan founded Dream Engine in 2001, and specializes in helping medium to large corporates, government departments, and the non-profit sector to connect with their audience by using video.

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