What to ask yourself when choosing a Melbourne Corporate Video Company

Producing a corporate video as part of your marketing strategy is a great decision. But which Melbourne corporate video company will you choose?

There are a lot of choices on the market, and choosing the right company thoughtfully, and carefully, can take a lot of time. You want to make sure that they create a video that accurately represents your brand, but you also want to make sure you enjoy working with them.

So I’ve put together some simple questions to ask yourself to make sure that you hire the best video production company for you.

Do they care about me?

Make sure you speak to someone at the company. Talking to them directly will give you a good idea of whether or not they will be a good fit for you and your company.

Are they interested in your products and message? Do they ask relevant questions?

You are going to be spending time with this company and entrusting them with much of the project. Make sure that they are as interested and committed as you are.

Do they have fresh ideas?

The work a corporate video company may have great looking work, but they might have a cookie cutter approach. If you watch a couple of their video examples and you cant really tell them apart, this is a bad sign.

You want to make sure your video targets your specific challenge or conveys your individual message.

You want to be confident that they will create something special for you and your brand.

questions for melbourne corporate video company

Do they fit us?

Make sure you do some research. Read some of their blogs, watch their videos. You can learn a lot about a Melbourne corporate video production company by the way they approach their own business.

Do they have attention to detail? Are they focused on accuracy? Are they reliable and punctual?

Make sure that your video company has the same culture and philosophy as yours. This will ensure that you don’t choose a company whose philosophy is “close enough is good enough”.

Production quality?

This may seem like an obvious question, but really think about it. Are all the scenes in their videos well lit? Does it sound clear and professional? Does the narrative make sense.

But most of all, do YOU like their work? This is probably the most important question, because it’s your decision that you will need to stand by. If you aren’t happy with their work, you probably won’t be happy with the work they do for you.


The brass tax. Prices can vary widely, so sit down and talk to a production company about what your options are and what will be best to fit your budget.

There is a lot you can do with video that will be both effective and engaging. Be clear on what budget you want to allocate to the video before you meet your video production company. This will allow them to give you accurate ideas on what videos will best suit you.

You might find out that a screen-capture video will fit your needs, or a simple face to camera.

By thinking about these questions, doing some research and making sure you are happy with your corporate video production company, you are ensuring your video production will be smooth, hassle free and deliver the best video possible.

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 Ryan Spanger


Ryan Spanger is one of Melbourne’s most respected and sought-after video production professionals. Ryan founded Dream Engine in 2001, and specializes in helping medium to large corporates, government departments, and the non-profit sector to connect with their audience by using video.

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