You’re the Expert: Stand out in Melbourne as an information publisher

In the age of the internet, information has become cheap and plentiful. Searching for and finding almost anything you want in Melbourne takes a matter of seconds.

Businesses competing in such a marketplace are no longer in the position of information gatekeeper. Before the internet, if you wanted to know about cars, you talked to a car expert. If you needed a new washing machine, you had a white-goods salesman give you a tour of what was on sale.

Now, with a few clicks of the mouse, you can find information about anything.

So in order to retain the distinction of being an expert information publisher in their specific market, smart Melbourne businesses have decided to become information publishers.

Alongside giving people a chance to find information, it has also given people the opportunity to find an audience. In the past, there was a high barrier of entry to communicate on a large scale. Having a weekly spot on a TV or radio show was very expensive and time consuming.

Information Publisher

Now, delivering information to a global audience from Melbourne is accessible and cheap. Anyone can have their own TV show on YouTube, or their own radio show on iTunes, or even their own weekly, daily or hourly newspaper in the form of a blog.

You can establish yourself as an authority in your niche marketplace, by becoming an information publisher on a range of platforms. Inform your audience on what is new and exciting in your industry and give them free advice and tips on how to shop.

Become a trusted source of information. This will give you expert status with your audience. If they see you as an expert, they will be more likely to believe your product must be better than anyone else’s. You know are the one giving advice and delivering great information every monthly or weekly, after all.

In order to do this, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • If you want to create a monthly or weekly web cast on YouTube, make sure your videos are professional and maintain a high standard. It’s a big mistake to make videos if you are uneducated on video production or to hire amateurs. Unless your videos are presented professionally, you could undermine your message and even your brand.
  • Optimize your content. You might have a great web video to show the world, but if no-one can find it, it’s basically useless. Make sure you optimize your videos and SEO, in order for your audience to find you and your information easily.
  • Create a library of content. The top YouTube marketers have an average of 181 videos. The bottom had just 29. Make sure you have enough content to keep your audience engaged. Also remember to mix it up with videos of different lengths and topics. No-one wants to watch the same video over and over.

If you’d like to become an information publisher, or want to create professional videos of your own, please contact Dream Engine now.


 Ryan Spanger


Ryan Spanger is one of Melbourne’s most respected and sought-after video production professionals. Ryan founded Dream Engine in 2001, and specializes in helping medium to large corporates, government departments, and the non-profit sector to connect with their audience by using video.

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