Using Video to Improve Your Business

Does your business use video? Should your business use video? And if so – what type of video is appropriate for you?

At Dream Engine, we create a huge variety of videos for our corporate clients. No two videos are the same, but there are certain different types of videos that are popular with our customers. Here are some of the most common ways our clients use videos, and why.

Training Videos

Training videos help viewers become acquainted with a service, task, or process. The advantages of using training videos include time-saving. It means that you don’t have to delegate team members to demonstrate the same task to different groups of people.

This makes training videos incredibly popular for companies who need to introduce new employees to their procedures. It also means that your workforce is taught how to do things in the same way.

When the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development needed to introduce a new part of their website to teachers across Australia, they commissioned Dream Engine to create a series of training videos. These videos were distributed via their intranet, so that the teachers could learn the new system from the comfort of their own office. Likewise, when Ecare Group needed to teach new employees how to install carpet to their high standards, they created a training video to comprehensively detail the entire process, from cutting to finishing.

An example of a Training Video Screenshot

Event Videos

When you use video to document your next event, you create a reliable, time-friendly way to get great information to a wider audience.

Event participation is limited by availability; by recording the event and distributing it on DVD or via the web, you allow people who would benefit from, or be interested in, the information to view it at their own convenience. It allows those people on the “unavailable” list to get the benefits of the event – minus the finger food!

When Legg Mason held their end of financial year event in Melbourne, they hired Dream Engine to record the day in full, so that their Australia-wide clientele could get the benefit of the expert advice delivered in the presentations.

And when Building Brands held their networking lunch at Melbourne Icehouse, they used footage captured by Dream Engine to create a short video that would make people want to attend their future marketing events.

An example of an Event Video Screenshot

Internal Communication Videos

I’ve spoken before about how internal communication videos can help your business communicate better with your employees. The facts are, video is a much more powerful way to send your employees information. They don’t need to invest effort into reading documents or analysing charts. They can ingest this important information in real time.

This is one of the benefits of using video for internal communication: time-saving.

It is also more personable. It allows your employees to put a face to the information, and receive it from a colleague. Clients who have members of their organisation present their internal communication videos find that these videos are far more appealing to their employees.

For instance, when AIA Australia need to explain important new information to their employees, they use video, because they find that their employees are more attentive and able to receive the information much more easily.

An example of an Internal Video Screenshot

Web Videos

When our clients are looking for a creative way to advertise on their website, they choose video. I’ve spoken before about the benefits of having a video on your website; it’s engaging content for your customers that is available at the click of a button.

In order to get more tenders, Diamond Protection needed an impressive way to display their various services to potential clients. They opted for a series of web videos that focused on each specific element of their company: security, training, and emergency service. This means that people browsing their website are greeted by a different video on each page; videos that show real examples of the Diamond Protection team in action.

Essentially, Diamond Protection are using their work to sell their company. Their videos show them actively doing what they advertise themselves as offering; it is authentic and impressive, and intelligent marketing.

An example of a Web Video Screenshot


These are just some of the ways our clients are using video in their business. For more information about how you can start using video to improve your business, contact me today.


 Ryan Spanger


Ryan Spanger is one of Melbourne’s most respected and sought-after video production professionals. Ryan founded Dream Engine in 2001, and specializes in helping medium to large corporates, government departments, and the non-profit sector to connect with their audience by using video.

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