City of Port Phillip

Internal communication case study

The City of Port Phillip is a burgeoning local council just twenty minutes from the Melbourne CBD, comprising nearly 100,000 people.


In 2013, Dream Engine were hired by the City of Port Phillip council to create a video for their “Smart Travel” campaign. The City of Port Phillip needed a high-quality internal video that clearly and effectively displayed the benefits of taking “greener” modes of transport to work. Being an internal production, it was important that the video was not “sales-y” or authoritative.


Dream Engine chose the corporate documentary format for this video. Corporate documentary videos are authentic and convincing because they feature real employees telling their personal stories. This means that the video’s message – to “take greener forms of transport to work” – was delivered to council employees by their peers, friends, and co-workers.

Dream Engine created vignettes about three council workers who take alternative forms of transport to work. We conducted interviews with these employees, and shot extra footage on-location as they travelled to work, utilising multiple cameras, to ensure the video was dynamic and visually engrossing.


Dream Engine produced a beautiful and persuasive internal video that has helped the City of Port Phillip to drive positive behavioural change in its employees, helping to foster a healthier, happier, and less stressed workforce.

From The Client

"I was hooked! I was emotionally engaged! I was like - "I want to walk to work like that!" You get the sense from watching the video that you're really missing out if you don't become a part of this. And I don't think you can get that [feeling] from any other format.""


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